Bespoke consultancy: Autism and learning

I offer consultancy and training to schools and professionals who want to improve their practice. I offer advice and hands on learning experiences on:foamclose

  • Communication: Developing spontaneous verbal and non verbal communication.
  • Social skills: Using group activities and group games to improve social interaction skills.
  • Curriculum: Using multi-sensory teaching to support the curriculum.
  • Motivating teaching methods and learning environment: Using students’ interests to plan activities and adapt their environment in a way that is both functional and motivating.

This is consultancy for professionals or parents who will have the opportunity to practise and implement different educational strategies within their setting, service or at home. Go to my blog to see some examples of my consultancy projects, including my collaboration with the Kenyan Institute of Special Education and West Wimbledon Primary in London.

For information contact me by email at or telephone on +44 (0)7522163884