Support at home

I offer home-based practical support for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum. Collaboration with parents and carers is essential in order to establish personalised educational programmes and develop activities that are focusing on the children’s needs and interests. 3good

Our goals:

  • To improve communication skills (attention, sign language, objects of reference, symbols, verbal communication)
  • To develop meaningful social interaction skills (play, sharing, turn-taking)
  • To work on emotions and create positive memories (sharing enthusiasm, using relaxation techniques)
  • To improve independence skills (self-help skills, engaging with the community)
  • To work on eating and drinking skills (increasing tolerance, improving diet, messy play)
  • To support the curriculum (literacy, numeracy, science)

I have been trained in the following programmes and in my practice I use:

Please contact me and I will be happy to discuss about your child’s needs. Reach me by email at or telephone on +44 (0)7522163884