“Marianna brings a little bit of magic to her work. She inspires the children to engage and find both fascination and enjoyment in learning. Marianna is an accomplished trainer bringing ideas to life with panache and creating workshops that build understanding and nurture practice. I’m delighted Marianna is an Attention Autism Advanced practitioner, she is absolutely the kind of practitioner I want on my team!”Gina Davies, founder of the Gina Davies Attention Autism Centre

This training was excellent – a good balance between listening/watching and trying out for ourselves. Marianna is lively and compelling to watch; I can’t think of anyone better to model attention autism. Fantastic! Many thanks.’Attention Autism Participant, Globe Primary School, London

‘Marianna is absolutely motivating and collaborative – her spirit of fun and creativity is infectious. Brilliant!’ Attention Autism Participant, Whitefield Academy Trust, London


‘Great fun and going away with some fantastic ideas. Just doing Stage 1 for few weeks has made a huge difference. The trainer was excellent and created a good atmosphere and learning environment.’ Attention Autism Participant, Globe Primary School, London


‘I learned so much and I am excited to pass on my new found knowledge. Marianna is an inspiring presenter! Fantastic training!’ Attention Autism Participant, Whitefield Academy Trust, London


“The Attention Autism training had a massive impact on the way I deliver sessions in my class. I learned to share my enthusiasm and creativity and as a result I have had incredible moments of interaction and communication with my students.” Haia Ironside, teacher at the Garden school, London

“Thank you Marianna for the very enriching information you gave us.I want to thank you personally because I left the workshop a better person  than I had come in.Now I have a whole world of ideas on how to interact and teach and involve the child with autism.’ Nancy Matury, Teacher, Kenya

”The Autism and Learning training I attended was very focused on the needs of the participants. The language used was effective, direct and easy to understand. The interactive part of the training, the use of videos, the inspirational style and the positivity of the trainer gave all of us a very useful and pleasant learning experience.”
Mina Papadatou, occupational therapist at Koridallos nurseries , Athens

“Really informative and engaging session. Brilliant ideas that are affordable and safe for home. I can’t wait to lead a session myself!” Attention Autism Training participant (parent)