Parachute games at Nabongo Primary – Kenya

In April 2017 I returned to Nabongo Primary School – SEN Unit in Kakamega, Kenya.

This time, I had with me all these amazing resources you donated to the unit through the fund-raising campaign. Together with the incredible teachers of this unit, Immaculate and Joyce, we thought about their curriculum and we planned activities for the students.

Some of the resources you donated were: musical instruments, books, more books, equipment for exercise, dancing ribbons and props, laptops, numeracy resources, literacy resources, materials for arts and crafts, self-regulation toys, CD players, more toys, balls and…a PARACHUTE!

Woohoo! Lets take turns, let’s share a turn, lets give and follow instructions, let’s work together, lets laugh together, lets share the fun, let’s build positive memories. One game, lots of learning!





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